Bolster Trailers

We manufacture bolster trailers including:

Four Bolster Log Trailer

Combination Plantation Four Bolster

Full Drop Plantation Four Bolster

Standard Specs Include:

40' or 42' Long

102" Wide

Load Bearing Set Out Stand

50,000 LB Hutch Single Point Suspension or 

50,000 LB Ridewell Airride Suspension 

Axles Rated 25,000 LB Each with ABS Brakes

Tires are 11 R 22.5 S or 11 R 24.5

Full Width Push Bumper with Grab Bar

Drag Bar on Rear Bar

LED Bullet Lights in Bolster

4" LED Lights on Rear

Plus Strobe Lights on Rear

Combination Plantation Four Bolster contains a 12" Drop with Drop Gate or Dead Bolster